The 5th Annual Saudi International Technology Incubation Conference - 2013

Science and technology based innovation and the development and support of sustainable high growth enterprises are at the heart of all leading economies. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in innovation and entrepreneurship and recognizes their importance in diversifying and maintaining the economic growth and prosperity of the country...

This year KACST and Badir have teamed up with the Technopolicy Network to organize the 5th Annual Saudi International Technology Incubation Conference which will incorporate the networks 10th International Annual Conference. The aim is to provide stakeholders and practitioners in the entrepreneurship and incubation industry the opportunity to contribute to discussions with international and local experts about the importance of science and technology based businesses within the kingdom and to consider the latest developments in technology entrepreneurship, innovation and the role that incubators should play.

The conference will help to develop knowledge and understanding between policy makers, incubation practitioners and stakeholders about the importance of science and technology based entrepreneurship and its role in the creation of a knowledge-based economy and a diversified technology industry base, while providing networking opportunities that support the development of the Saudi Arabian incubator industry.

The conference will be held from 5 to 6 November 2013 (2 to 3 MuHarram 1435 A.H.), at the KACST Conference Centre, KACST headquarters, King Abdullah Road, Riyadh.

The theme is “Science and technology as a driver for change - how regional development, entrepreneurship and incubation interact” and will highlight the role of entrepreneurship and incubation in delivering sustainable economic development.